Thursday, 19 January 2017

Cette semaine

Mes amis, pratiquer pour ton orale présentation demain pour l'article

Parents: Voici des détails de ton

French: We have been working on our writing process, writing a recount about our Christmas holidays. We started off with creating a plan to organize their thoughts, beginning with an introduction, and stating events in order, with details, and a conclusion.
 We have discussed what I am looking for, and how I will assess their work.

The students will be receiving their French test by tomorrow. I have explained to the students that the reason for the test is just to make sure that they understand how to conjugate passé composé. Now I am looking to see if they can apply what they have learned to their writing.

Études Socials: We are completing our unit in government this week. The students have been assigned different newspaper articles and inquiring questions for them to answer orally, after they have worked in groups. I am assessing students on their perspectives and opinions on how difficult it is to make decisions.

Science: We have started a new uni in matter. Other the next few weeks we will be doing lots of experiments!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate
Mme B

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